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Meta Tag Maker

Title of Web Page

The title should be a maximum of 64 characters long and include the most relevant keywords of your web site. For example: instead of "Bloodaxe's Realm", "The Ancient and Medieval World .Bloodaxe's Realm".

7 Keywords

100 characters maximum, separated by commas and NO spaces. Keywords should be listed in order of importance. Adding too many can reduce the relevance of a site, so limit the keywords to the top 3 or 5 most important and don't use highly used terms such as computer, Internet, web, web site, etc.



(200 characters max.) Keep your description concise and brief. Many search engines only "read" the first 200 characters. Include the most important facts or keywords at the beginning of the description.


Include not only your name, but also an email address.


If you use certain html editors, they automatically place this tag. I suggest you remove it. Use this one with YOUR name and URL, Diana Petersen (


This is an easy one, use the common abbreviation for your country of residence, or the country you have specifically created the page for. For instance, I am in the US, so I use USA or US.

Organizational Email Address

Put an email address in here that is If you have one, get one that at least has a dignified name to it. Don't use something like or Your meta tags are advertising your web site. Don't offend visitors. If you question the appropriateness of your email address, it is not appropriate.


If you have not put a copyright on the contents of your site, you must still include this tag. The search engine bots will be looking for it. We don't want to disappoint the bots! Leave it empty. It is illegal to claim copyright if it is not.


This is another quick one. Unless your content is specific to one geographical location, you will want to put "worldwide."

Creation Date

If you are like me, you simply do not remember! It was sometime in '97 that I decided to create a helpful website. It was in '98 when I got my server. And it has changed pretty much every month since them. So, what is the creation date. ? Just make sure it is either today, or before, never later.

Revisit After

This tells the search engine bots how often to return to your site for reindexing. It will not ensure they return. It will only keep them from returning to soon. It is also something they are looking for. It is on the list of important things to look for (the bots instructions from their programmers.)
You will want to put 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, etc. You do not want the bots to return unless there are changes to your site.


Your URL.


The primary language on the page.


To follow or not to follow.

  Here are your Meta Tags.
Copy and paste them into <HEAD> In Here </HEAD> of your html document.